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     Company ECOEL BG offers its customers microsystems for direct connection to the grid in places where there is electrical power. Current price offers can be found here, and more information about microsystems can be found here.

We also offer fully autonomous systems to power all types of consumers. You can see some of the offers available here, more information about autonomous systems - here. For the most - accurate calculation of the autonomic system for a specific customer - contact us.

Through 2015 starts the new programming period 2014-2020 for European funding under the operational programs. More information can be found here.


      Since July 2014. company "ECOEL BG" Ltd. is a certified service partner brand inverters SolarMax, both in Bulgaria and in Romania. Our specialists are certified for the full range of products offered by the company.

   Since April 2013. company "ECOEL BG" Ltd. is a certified service representative brand SolarMax inverters and offers a full range of products of the company.

 IMPORTANT: We remind our customers and partners that offered till now from ECOEL BG services remote monitoring, periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance, meet the requirements of EVN, CEZ and Energo-Pro (formerly Eon).
According to the Treaty on access to the network to EVN, the conclusion of a contract for maintenance of photovoltaic systems in the absence of appointed its own staff is a must. Persons entitled to carry out such activities must have relevant qualification group.

The employees of ECOEL BG performing operation and maintenance of solar systems and parks, defended the necessary qualification groups.

For our clients - subscription support contracts will be renewed until now.

For those who want to benefit from the experience in the maintenance of photovoltaic plants ECOEL BG since 2007. (over 8 MWp) - please contact us to offer the most suitable service package for your system.

Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems (O & M) built EKOEL both by BG and other builders:

o Remote monitoring and control

o Periodic reviews of the place to check the condition and operation of a photovoltaic system

o Preventive maintenance of main equipment (photovoltaic modules, inverters, transformer stations, structures and trackers), in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations

o Corrective maintenance - sending a repair team on site at the signal failure of the monitoring system within the response time

o Maintenance of the landscape - lawn layout of roads

o Management of spare parts - storage of the required reserve and supplement if necessary

 o preparing a detailed report for each activity performed